Tognac form poplin

What’s TOGNAC about?

Introducing from Poplin's Apothecary: an elegantly handcrafted collection, inspired by the allure of magical potions - TOGNAC (pronounced TOG-NAC). Infuse your space with vibrant colours and unleash your creative curiosity, as you embark on a journey of self-discovery. Unlock the wonders within you with these six enchanting elixirs, exploring your inner alchemy.

  • Positive Psychology
  • Beautiful, elegant and quality art prints
  • Designed based on validated research
  • Workbook with activities and prompts
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy practices
  • Art Therapy exercises

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Disclaimer : There is no physical potion or medicine sold under TOGNAC. The workbook is a creative rendition of positive psychology practices, art therapy exercises and activities suggested by therapists during coaching sessions. This workbook is not intended to replace clinical therapy or medication.