Indulge in Creative Wellness: Art that speaks to your soul with Poplin's Apothecary

One could be fortunate to have art acquainted to them as an expression, a sense, a flavour, an emotion, and so much more than just colours, palettes and brushes. When you can find yourself getting lost and found repeatedly in different hues of art you can start to enjoy the healing benefits it brings to your life. Poplin's Apothecary is an adaptation of therapy enriched by art, for your soul to energise and reboot.

The wellness segment from Poplin will be based on validated research and also in collaboration with certified professionals and industry experts.

NeW collection

A self-led guide to be your own alchemist

Poplin's new collection is beautifully made art, inspired by magical mixtures. It adds colour to your space and encourages you to be curious about your own creativity. Play around exploring your inner alchemy.

  • Beautiful, elegant and quality art prints
  • Designed based on validated research
  • Positive Psychology
  • Workbook with activities and prompts
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy practices
  • Art Therapy exercises
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We are happy to use 100% biodegradable packaging and compostable bio-plastics. Kindly consider reusing or recycling our packaging.

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I extend my heartfelt gratitude for visiting my humble corner of the internet! I am a curious soul, originally from the vibrant tapestry of India and currently exploring the captivating streets of Singapore.
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