Dear inquisitive soul,

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for visiting my humble corner of the internet! I am a curious soul, originally from the vibrant tapestry of India and currently exploring the captivating streets of Singapore.

My life's compass is guided by the frequencies of creativity, compassion, curiosity, joy, and a touch of whimsy. Having navigated the diverse landscapes of design, advertising, and the enigmatic realm of design thinking for over a decade, I've donned numerous hats. 

Yet, beyond these professional adventures, I proudly bear the titles of "Chief Chaos Manager" for two energetic boys and the honored "Poodle Whisperer" to my furry, four-legged confidant, who also moonlights as Poplin’s Head of Magic. My journey into the world of creativity reads like a captivating quest, ignited by my insatiable curiosity.

It all began with my personal battle against postnatal depression, an unexpected muse that sparked my deep dive into the intricacies of the human psyche. As I marveled at the profound workings of the human mind and its transformative potential, I felt a calling to blend creativity with the therapeutic art. This conviction led me on a mission as enchanting as crafting elixirs in an ancient apothecary. It was in this pursuit that Poplin was born—a fusion of art and therapy aimed at stirring the cauldron of thought, igniting transformation, and nurturing the elixir of wholeness.

I am committed to bringing you experiences as potent as a wizard's spell, enriching as a treasure trove, and healing as the gentlest touch of magic. My odyssey to unlock the mysteries of the human mind persists, one canvas at a time, with the same enthusiasm as an apprentice sorcerer seeking hidden knowledge and the joy of a child discovering a new playground.

So, let us embark on this enchanting journey together. Who knows, amidst brush strokes and laughter, we may stumble upon the secrets of the universe. And should you ever crave a good laugh or some friendly poodle antics, I'm your go-to!

With immense love,

Divya Hanifa Founder & Creator