What is art therapy, and how can it benefit me? 

Art therapy is like a mental health spa day for your soul, where creativity helps ease stress and brings smiles to your emotions.

Who can benefit from art therapy? 

From kids to golden-agers, art therapy is age-agnostic and for everyone. It's a magical potion that can sprinkle creativity into every phase of life.

What kind of products do you offer in your shop? 

Poplin is a treasure trove for anyone into art and wellbeing. We offer guided journals, and art prints. Our therapeutic journals come with art supplies like colour pencils. books, and online blog – all the tools you need to turn your feelings into a masterpiece!

How can I get a customised order?

We looove custom orders and personalised notes! Email us at admin@poplin.shop tell us how you would like your order. If you are looking for making bulk orders? Then you are our most favourite person! Exclusive discounts await just for you depending on your quantity

How can I get started with art therapy? 

Start by grabbing some basic art supplies and letting your inner Picasso run wild. No judgment, just you and your feelings on canvas. You can grab a copy of our all inclusive workbook set to kick off your journey towards self-exploration. 

Do you have resources or guides on using your products for therapy? 

Yes, we've got your back! Check out our helpful blog posts and follow us on Instagram @popwithpoplin to be in loop along with our pop tribe; they're like art therapy's best friends, always ready to assist. And of course write to us at admin@poplin.shop and we shall help you out on anything you need. 

Do you offer international shipping? 

You bet! We ship internationally because we believe that art knows no borders. Your creative journey is just a click away. All orders above USD100 Ships FREE !! 

Can I contact you for personalised art therapy advice? 

Of course! We're here for you like a trusty art therapy buddy. Drop us a line anytime at admin@poplin.shop for a friendly chat and personalised guidance.

How can I stay updated on new products and promotions? 

Stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter, and following us on Instagram @popwithpoplin. We promise, our updates are more fun than a paint splatter party!

Reach out to us to help you customise orders, share reflections, make bulk orders with discounts or just to say hello!