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  • “I love the layout of prompts - practice - explanation approach where they get their hands on the thinking patterns and then reflect upon it with guidance. Will keep the writer anchored”
    Shilpa Manari
    Founder of a mental health
    and well-being initiative

  • “It’s a beautiful pick and start of self love journey for youngsters. Keeps them more accountable, It’s a good start for them to write and reflect”

    Rupika bhargava
    Relationship Coach

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Poplin - self love - workbook set

Self-Love Workbook Set

Our therapist approved positive psychology in TOGNAC'S Self-Love Workbook set helps you nurture your;

✔️ Self-confidence

✔️ Self-appreciation

✔️ Self-reflection

✔️ Reduce stress

✔️ Gratitude

A self-love book backed by research made for anyone and everyone who is ready to weave their authentic life. Meet your true love by journaling for 15 minutes over 5 weeks.

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Self-Love Limited Edition

Treat Yourself to Tranquility

Yearning to cultivate inner peace and rediscover the love within? Embark on a transformative journey with our exquisitely curated, limited-edition Self-Love Sanctuary collection.

Designed to nurture your inner world with intention and compassion, this haven offers a multi-sensory experience unlike any other.

A curated multi sensory set of 15 premium products, including:
✅ Self-love workbook set
✅ 5 Self-led Art therapy sessions
✅ Fine quality chamomile tea
✅ Exquisite custom perfume
✅ All-natural lavender soap
✅ Guided meditation
...and more!

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Wellness Inspiration

Visually stunning art prints that spark interesting and curious conversations on mental wellness. And also adds that pop of vibrant colour to your cozy corner.

Available as prints or as framed artwork in 3 sizes; A5, A4, and A3

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What happens at Poplin?

Curiosity Unleashes Magic! We celebrate the limitless potential of curiosity as a catalyst for growth. Our mission is clear: when curiosity and creativity converge, unanswered questions become opportunities. Poplin, an exclusive boutique uniting art and therapy, weaves a tapestry of wonder and well-being.

Our journey began with art that brought joy and tranquillity, evolving into a realm where immersive art intertwines with mental wellness. Explore our enchanted sanctuary, where every creation is born of artistic alchemy.

Poplin is your wellspring of inspiration, providing a haven for young adults worldwide and anyone fascinated by the powerful blend of art and mental well-being. Experience the enchantment of Poplin, where curiosity transforms into therapeutic artistry.

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