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Self-Love Workbook Set

Self-Love Workbook Set

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Meet your true love by journaling for 15 minutes over 5 weeks of mindful self-exploration, self-compassion and creativity

In 5 weeks, the evidence - based positive psychology in TOGNAC’S Self-Love Workbook helps you,

  • Work on your self-confidence
  • Increase your self-appreciation 
  • Practice mindfulness and de-stress
  • Deep dive into your mind with love
  • Have meaningful self reflections 
  • Make positive steps towards self-love  
  • Begin with cognitive restructuring 

Make a regular 15 minute appointment with yourself(even though you would want to spend the day). Write slowly with intention through the pages and enjoy being your own alchemist.

What makes this potion pack so potent?

Besides your written reflections and thoughts the workbook set holds;
  • 100 Beautifully textured 135gsm thick journaling pages
  • 115 Intriguing prompts to ponder on
  • 10 CBT based on validated research
  • 4 Fun Art Therapy exercises
  • 115 Journaling stickers 
  • 20 Inspirational quotes 
  • 12 Bright colour pencils
  • 1 Vintage design roller ball pen
  • No two pages are alike in this workbook 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amazing Set by Poplin!

It's really great journal set that helps out with the my journey on Self-Love. Lovee the fact that they have coloring pencils + pens and stickers included in this set - made me travel back to my childhood days!

I love this set even more once i found out that it was edited by therapists, how cool is that?

In all, it's a great set that can be gifted to yourself and others!

Amazing gifts!

Bought the journal for my friends and they absolutely loved it. I love the packaging and the classy leathery feel of the book.. everything is done so tastefully and looks really rich and worth a lot more than the price you pay. These make for amazing gifts!

My go-to self reflection tool!

The last few months have been hectic with respect to work, but I always found the time to sit with my Poplin Self Love Journal because it's so inviting. It not only helps me relax and unwind but also helps me get the much needed clarity of thought that gets lost in the daily hustle. I've only just started exploring this great self care tool and can't wait to see what all is in store for me to uncover about myself as I spend about 10-15 minutes scribbling & doodling every day. If you're in the mood to indulge in a little something for yourself or looking for a gift for a loved one, this journal makes for the most thoughtful one! Try it and you won't be disappointed! Some words for the beautiful mind and soul behind the journal - Divya. She is a powerhouse of creativity and love! She brings so much credibility and authenticity to her work and I couldn't be more excited to see what she is going to come up with next! Thanks Divya for creating this and adding a dash of colour to people's lives 😊

New addition to my night routine

I have been using the five-week self-love journal for over two weeks now, and it's been an enriching experience. The journal seamlessly captures my thoughts, and incorporating art adds a unique touch. I appreciate the journal's quality and am happy to support Indian women-led small businesses. I highly recommend for a fulfilling self-reflection journey

Cruise Giran
Where Art Meets Therapy

By journaling my feeling and thought, I can see what is internal of me more clearly. What make it more effective is when this book has sections where you can write your feeling and thought so you can really identify what has been going on. Lastly, healing a bridge for oneself to grow stronger!

Impeccable product quality

  • Velvet like soft vintage hardcover with gold foiling and a satin ribbon bookmark
  • 135 gsm special paper for a fluid writing and delightful colouring experience
  • Thread-sewn, binding for easy and convenient writing
  • Book back pocket with ample space to hold sticker sheets and all your niceties
  • Wax Sealed beautiful and durable packaging to protect your workbook Set

Bite sized therapy sessions

115 Intriguing and unique prompts to ponder on self exploration, 10 success ensured Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Exercises based on validated research and 4 beautiful and fun Art Therapy exercises to nudge you towards your love goals in small but mighty ways.

Highly Giftable

A gift full of love, wellbeing and some magic. It's also about experiencing a classic and elegant unboxing of a beautifully handcrafted gift tagged with a personalised note. Just perfect!

A Zero Excuse Package

You would have absolutely no excuses to put pen to paper and begin your journey we have everything you need in the box.

  • 115 Journaling stickers
  • 20 Inspirational quotes
  • 12 Bright colour pencils
  • 1 Vintage design roller ball pen
Kickstart your Self-Love journey
Disclaimer : There is no physical potion or medicine sold under TOGNAC. The workbook is a creative rendition of positive psychology practices and art therapy exercises and activities suggested by therapists during coaching sessions. This workbook is not intended to replace clinical therapy or medication.