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Solutioniser Art Print

Solutioniser Art Print

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Unlock Problem-Solving: Grant yourself time and joy to relish the process. This potion serves as a reminder to mindfully find solutions, creating space and dedication.

Pick this potion up to get solving in peace

Problem-solving is a skill that we use every day, sometimes without our knowledge, to discover new solutions to daily problems. Very often, we miss giving the process the time it needs, because of our focus on getting to the outcome. 

Give yourself the permission to devote the time and energy needed to enjoy the process of finding solutions to problems. This beautiful poster will remind you to mindfully give the space, time and joy to enjoy solutionising.

Get to know your potion from the info-let thats packed along with every art print. This potion is one of the 6 in the TOGNAC Wellness collection in our apothecary. Head over to TOGNAC 's page to know more about the collection.

Solutioniser’s Workbook set is planned to come soon!

Frame Size Details:

  • A5 white frame (162mm X 213mm)
  • A4 white frame (243mm X 333mm)
  • A3 white frame (333mm X 433mm)  

Other Features: 

  • The original digital artwork is printed on high-quality, 225gsm 100% cotton Acid free Archival Fine art paper.
  • The frame is sturdy, lightweight, and white to make the art pop on your wall The backside of the frame has loops to help hang the art on your wall and a tabletop stand (A3 size alone does not have a stand at the back)

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