Indulge in Art-Infused Wellness: Revitalise Your Soul with Poplin's Apothecary

One can consider themselves incredibly fortunate to have art embrace them as an expression, a sensation, a burst of flavour, an emotion, and so much more than mere colours, palettes, and brushes. When you find yourself repeatedly immersing in the captivating world of art, getting lost and found in its myriad hues, you'll discover the delightful healing benefits it bestows upon your life. Welcome to Poplin's Apothecary, where we've ingeniously blended the power of art with therapeutic techniques, creating an experience that rejuvenates and revitalises your very soul.

Our wellness segment is meticulously crafted, drawing on rigorous research, while collaborating closely with certified professionals and industry experts. Get ready for a journey that's not only scientifically backed but also remarkably enjoyable and filled with warmth and fun!

New collection in Wellness

A self-led guide to be your own alchemist

Introducing Poplin's inaugural collection in the wellness category, inspired by the enchantment of magic potions and alchemy. This captivating collection is designed to ignite creative curiosity, fostering self-exploration.

  • Beautiful elite quality artprints
  • Workbook with activities and prompts
  • Designed based on validated research
  • Positive Psychology
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy practices
  • Art Therapy exercises
  • All in a simple 5 week commitment
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