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Self-Love Limited Edition

Self-Love Limited Edition

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Treat Yourself to Tranquility

Yearning to cultivate inner peace and rediscover the love within?  Embark on a transformative journey with our exquisitely curated, limited-edition Self-Love Sanctuary collection. Designed to nurture your inner world with intention and compassion, this haven offers a multi-sensory experience unlike any other.

Experience creative wellness through our therapist approved workbook paired with art therapy activities to deep dive into reflections, and multi sensory products to be immersed in love and self-compassion. 

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Self-Love workbook set

A beautifully crafted guide to reconnect with your essence.

Through gentle prompts and exercises, cultivate self-love and understanding. This isn't just a workbook, it's your personal roadmap to self-discovery.

A therapist-approved journal for owning your authentic self and mastering your inner voice. Invest 15 mins for 5 weeks with our Self-Love workbook to:

✅ Boost self-confidence
✅ Ignite self-appreciation
✅ Spark self-reflection
✅ Reduce stress
✅ Fill your heart with gratitude

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Art therapy Kit

Embrace Your Creativity: Unleash your inner artist with transformative art therapy sessions designed for self-exploration. Find solace, joy, and a deeper connection to yourself through the language of colour and form.

5 Self-Led Art Therapy sessions to perfectly sync with your 5 week self-discovery through the Self-love workbook.

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5 Senses Indulgence

Indulge your senses and embark on a transformative journey inwards.

The Self-Love limited edition combines calming aromas, soothing textures, and artistic inspiration for a multi-sensory deep dive into self-discovery. Experience creative wellness with all your senses.

Each product handpicked to elevate self-love and compassion. Plus, our exclusive info let provides a complete senses enhancement guide to maximise your journey inwards.

Quantities are limited, so don't miss out!

Limited-Edition Luxury: This Self-Love collection is a chance to cultivate a haven of self-care within the comfort of your own space. Embrace this exquisite opportunity to nurture your inner world and discover the radiance within.

Meet our Sensory Partners

Our hand picked sensory products are from Singapore's most beloved brands

Taste Sense Partner

Tranquil Solace: Savor the soothing properties of chamomile tea, its delicate aroma and calming warmth inviting a state of deep relaxation.

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Hear Sense Partner

Soundscapes for the Soul: Immerse yourself in a specially curated Spotify playlist featuring guided meditations and introspective melodies. Elevate your journaling sessions and delve into deeper reflections.

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Touch Sense Partner

Sensory Symphony: Experience the restorative touch of our natural soap, pampering your body as a celebration of self-love. Feel the difference of natural ingredients on your skin.

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Smell Sense Partner

Aromatic Embrace: Indulge in the comforting notes of our tailor made exclusive perfume, letting its fragrance envelop you in a gentle reminder of your inherent worth. Engulf yourself with a warm and spicy scent that combines the outstanding scent of amber with the comforting and addictive scent of vanilla.

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Our Self-Love Limited Edition is curated just for you

We took care of everything you need, to have the most elite and deeply reflective self-care in one box. We believe your time is priceless.

Are you ready to craft a haven of self-care?

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